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Chiropractic Care For Adults At Bridport Chiropractic Centre

Up to 80% of the adult population will experience back pain at some time in their lives and it is the second most common cause of long term sickness in the UK.

Luckily chiropractors are skilled at diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of back pain in all kinds of people. We treat everything from sports injuries to osteoarthritis.

Adults & Professionals Who Take Up Our Chiropractic Care Services

Adults & professionals from all walks of life needing chiropractic care often include farmers, builders, elite runners, office workers, bankers, teachers, nurses, gardeners, professional sportspeople and folks retired from as many diverse backgrounds as you can imagine all seek help for not only back and neck pain, but also the pain in knees, shoulders and any other joints.

We can find the underlying cause of your problem, offer treatment to get you out of immediate pain, and then offer you advice on exercise, diet and other lifestyle changes which can help to prevent your pain from coming back.

Chiropractic Maintenance For Adults

We also offer adult chiropractic maintenance care where we can check you from time to time to keep your musculoskeletal system in the best condition and minimise the likelihood of problems returning.

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Adult Chiropractic Care With Evelyne O'Hare - West Dorset Chiropractic Centre Bridport

Evelyne O’Hare – Chiropractor

Evelyne O’Hare wrote this “Chiropractic Care For Adults” article which outlines the treatment types tailored towards adult human bodies.

She is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). After graduating from the Anglo European Chiropractic College in 2007 she went on to study for a masters in animal chiropractic at the McTimoney College before opening her practice in Bridport.

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