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Why Are Ultrasound Treatments Used In Chiropractic Care

Ultrasound is a modality that is often used in chiropractic care as a form of therapy. It uses high-frequency sound waves to produce heat and vibration in the tissues, which can help to reduce pain and inflammation, and promote healing.

Sound Waves To Heat Up the Bodies Tissues

During a treatment, the chiropractor will apply a handheld device called a transducer to the skin over the area that is being treated. The transducer sends out sound waves, which are then absorbed by the tissues. These sound waves cause the tissues to heat up, which can increase blood flow to the area and promote the healing of damaged or injured tissues.

Ultrasound can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries, such as sprains, strains, and tendonitis, as well as chronic conditions such as arthritis. It can also be helpful in reducing inflammation and swelling, and in helping to break down scar tissue. The therapist may recommend ultrasound therapy along with other treatments such as Chiropractic adjustment, massage, or physiotherapy.

Ultrasound a Safe Form Of Therapy

Ultrasound is considered a safe form of therapy, with minimal risks and side effects. However, it should not be used over certain areas of the body, such as the eyes, the brain, or over a cancerous area.

If you have any concerns about whether ultrasound therapy is appropriate for you, it’s best to speak to your chiropractor or another healthcare professional.

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Ultrasound Therapy Treatments With Evelynee O'Hare - West Dorset Chiropractic Centre Bridport

Evelyne O’Hare – Chiropractor

Evelyne O’Hare provides “Ultrasound Treatments” (high-frequency sound waves to produce heat and vibration in the tissues)from the West Dorset Chiropractic centre.

She is aregistered with the General Chiropractic Council GCC and can apply Ultrasound at the correct points in your body which can help to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing.

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