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Ankle And Foot Pain Types

If your feet hurt it can make life very difficult, your feet are what connect you to the surface of the world. Here are some conditions of feet and ankles that you may recognise.

  • Sprained ankle occurs when your ankle ‘turns over’ most commonly this is on the outside of the ankle and happens when you land awkwardly from a jump or even walk on uneven ground, there may or may not be bruising, but there is usually swelling and the ankle is painful to touch as well as feeling unstable.
  • Achilles tendonitis is irritation or inflammation of the achilles tendon which attaches your calf muscles to your heel bone, this can be injured by a sudden force or by slow tearing of the fibres over time, pain can be felt either where the muscle meets the tendon at the base of your calf, or where the tendon inserts into the bone just above the heel.
  • Policeman’s heel or plantar fasciitis. You don’t have to be in the police to get this. It is a pain underneath the heel and often feels as if you have trodden on something sharp, very often when you first put your feet on the floor in the morning which then eases as you walk about, although it may get worse towards the end of the day, especially if you have been on your feet a lot.
  • Osteoarthritis, this commonly affects the joint of the big toe which can lead to a seizing of the joint called ‘hallux rigidus’. Arthritis can occur in the joints between any of the 26 bones of the foot and ankle.It sometimes comes with deformities such as bunions or claw toes, or between the long bones of the foot where it is called ‘metatarsalgia’ or foot pain.
  • Morton’s neuroma where a nerve that runs between the long bones of the foot becomes irritated. It can cause a severe burning pain in the foot which is worse with prolonged standing and walking, and often feels better once you take your shoes off.

Common conditions that may be treated with chiropractic care for ankle and foot pain include plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles, and Achilles tendonitis.

Pain in the feet can also be symptomatic of other conditions such as diabetes or disc injury in the spine so we take care to make sure there is nothing going on beyond your feet.

We can treat foot pain by adjustments to the joints, not only of the foot, but we will check knees, hips and back too if necessary.

We can advise you on footwear and orthotics (insoles) and use ultrasound, laser therapy, acupuncture and taping.

  • Pain Relief With Chiropractic Care

Ankle And Foot Pain Types And Chiropractic Relief By Evelynee O'Hare - West Dorset Chiropractic Centre Bridport

Evelyne O’Hare – Chiropractor

Evelyne O’Hare wrote this article on ankle and foot pain and its relief with chiropractic treatments.

She is registered with the General Chiropractic Council GCC and is a member of both the British Chiropractic Association BCA and the Royal College of Chiropractors RCC. She uses chiropractic techniques to treat ankle and foot pain with manual adjustments to the joints in the ankle and foot, as well as exercises and stretches to improve flexibility and strength.

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