Children have a lot of energy! The lockdown may seem endless when everyone is cooped up indoors as it often too cold and wet outside for youngsters to burn off their energy at this time of year.  While obviously for healthy minds and bodies it’s best to get out with your youngsters if you can, sometimes it’s just not possible or practical.
If you are stuck inside, there are many ways to be active, burn off some energy and keep everyone sane and healthy.

For a while you may need to not worry about the mess and together try building an indoor obstacle course. Keep it to one room and let the children and their imaginations take over for an hour or so.

Try things like:

  • Placing cushions on the floor a foot or so apart. The task is to jump over them without touching any cushions.
  • Tie a string or length of wool from one side of the room to the other, attaching it to the furniture, higher up and lower down. See if you can cross the room by stepping over or crawling under the line without touching it.
  • Make a tunnel to crawl through by lining up some chairs and draping a blanket over them.
  • Put a hoop if you have one, or mark out an area with string, or even use a pattern on the rug or carpet and jump in and out of the spot 10 times.
  • Try walking the length of the room or along a track laid out with string while balancing an (unopened) bag of rice or similar on your head
  • Throw a ball, or rolled up pair of socks or a teddy into a bucket/ waste paper bin/laundry basket.

You could make the whole thing harder by performing the obstacles while wearing a large hat which must stay on or when wearing a coat or jumper that’s too big or in a dressing gown,

Let the children get creative and come up with their own ideas and don’t forget to have a go yourself too, even if you don’t have children… what’s stopping you?